Bespin Guard (Carbon Freezing Chamber) Power Of The Jedi 2001

Bespin Guard


This Bespin Guard was a Fan Club exclusive and was packed-in together with the Carbon Freezing Chamber playset from the Power Of The Jedi toy line. The figure has only the basic 6 joints (head, waist, 2 arms, 2 legs), and there were no weapons included. The head sculpt is unique and looks pretty good overall, but the bulky, He-Man like appearance of figure reminds us of POTF2 times. The Bespin Guard makes for a nice addition to your Bespin diorama set-up at home, because there haven't been many Bespin Guards released, and it gives you a little variety. However, the figure itself is very, very basic, and considering that you can't buy this figure by itself (you have to buy the playset), you probably end up paying around $20,$30 on Ebay to get it, and it's definitely not worth that much (unless you want the playset).


The evil Sith Lord, Darth Vader, has captured and imprisoned Han Solo, using him as a test for flash-freezing humans in molten carbonite. It is up to Luke Skywalker to rescue his friend before Vader turns Solo over to the crime lord, Jabba the Hutt. Re-create this dramatic scene from The Empire Strikes Back, or capture your own prisoners and "freeze" them in the carbon-freezing chamber.

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