Wookiee Commando (Kashyyyk Battle Bash!) - Revenge Of The Sith Collection #58, 2005

Wookiee Commando


  • This Wookiee Commando (Kashyyyk Battle Bash!) was released individually carded
  • The figure is a repaint of the ROTS #43 Wookiee Warrior from earlier the same year in 2005
  • When the Wookiee's upper body is turned - both arms will move up and down (Wookiee Battle Bash!)
  • The harness is easily removable by unplugging it in the back
  • The loincloth can be pulled off the figure
  • The firing cannon is much too big in order for the Wookiee to hold it properly
  • The Wookiee stands securely without help from a stand
  • The figure is about twice as tall as a basic Star Wars action figure


The Wookiees are intelligent, fiercely loyal and exceedingly strong. When their peaceful planet of Kashyyyk is enveloped by the Clone Wars, these ferocious warriors fight the Separatist incursion.

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