Rebel Technician (Scramble On Yavin) - The Legacy Collection 2009

Rebel Technician


This Rebel Technician was released in April of 2009 as part of the "Scramble Of Yavin" battlepack in the Legacy Collection. The figure is super articulated and features a unique head sculpt which had never been done before. The rebel can hold the blaster tightly with either hand, and it fits nicely into the holster, which is located on the right waist. The right leg of the figure is a little bit shorter than the left one, so at first it's a bit tricky to get him to stand straight, but with a bit of tweaking it works just fine. The helmet fits nicely onto the head and features a transmitter (without an antenna) on the left side. The paint application is spot on, especially in the facial area, and the color tone of the actual clothing looks nice as well. Overall, it's a cool, never-done before, super articulated figure, which is a great addition to any collection.


In their base on Yavin, the Rebel Alliance prepares to launch a direct assault upon the Empire. The busy ground crew checks the vehicles, makes repairs and adjustments, loads droids into the fighters' sockets, and shuttles equipment and people to different destinations. The air crackles with tension and anticipation. The Rebels know how much is at stake for them and the galaxy, and they focus their efforts on being ready for the battle ahead.

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