Palpatine (Darth Sidous) (Lightsaber Attack!) Revenge Of The Sith Collection #35, 2005

Palpatine (Darth Sidous)


  • This Palpatine (Lightsaber Attack!) action figure was released individually carded
  • First the figure was released mistakenly with a blue lightsaber - Hasbro fixed this and then released the figure with a red lightsaber
  • Both lightsaber hilts are wrong and don't look like what Palpatine's lightsaber looked like in the movie
  • Pictured here is the first error version with the blue lightsaber - the corrected version is here: ROTS Palpatine (red lightsaber)
  • The lightsaber is permanently attached to the right hand
  • This figure came with an extra head - an extra set of hands and blue force lightning
  • The head can easily be replaced by the second head by just pulling it off the neck
  • Both heads are sculpted beautifully and capture Palpatine's regular appearance and the Darth Sidious look very well!
  • Both hands can also easly be replaced by the second set of hands
  • The blue force lightning pieces attach nicely to the wrists
  • When the figure is pressed down - the right arm moves up and down (Lightsaber Attack!)
  • Palpatine's body is one solid piece of plastic - so it's a surprise that the figure leans a little bit to the left
  • The figure stands OK without help from a stand


The Supreme Chancellor encounters questions about his ultimate motives. During a confrontation with Mace Windu, he uses his deadly powers and experiences unexpected and frightening results.

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