Darth Vader (A New Hope) - SOLO: A Star Wars Story 2018

Darth Vader

Darth Vader Force Link 2.0 audio

Listen to the Force Link 2.0 audio


  • This 3.75" Darth Vader figure was released single carded in August 2018
  • This Darth Vader is a brand new version of the Dark Lord of the Sith which has never been released before
  • The plastic robe is removable (the head needs to be popped off first, which is easy to do)
  • The lightsaber fits well into both hands and thanks to swivel forearms the figure is able to hold the hilt with both hands at the same time
  • Darth Vader stands about half a head taller than a regular 3.75" Star Wars figure
  • The left leg is positioned slightly in front of the right leg which gives the figure a more natural pose
  • This Darth Vader figure is Force Link 2.0 enabled and you can listen to the voice samples here on this page
  • This Darth Vader action figure has no balancing problems


There was no biography or story about the character provided on the packaging.

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