R2-X2 (Red Squadron 3-Pack) - The Black Series 6" 2018



  • Astromech Droid R2-X2 (Red Squadron) was released exclusively at Amazon.com in August 2018
  • The other two figures in this set were R5-D8 and R5-D8
  • R2-X2 was Theron Nett's astromech droid (Red 10) during the Battle of Yavin
  • The figure is a repaint of the basic Black Series R2-D2 figure from 2013
  • Even though the three panels in the top of the dome can be removed, there were no accessories included with the figure which could be plugged in
  • There are two arms which can be manually pulled out on the front of the body
  • R2-D2's dome can be rotated 360° which then moves the middle leg in and out of the body (it makes a clicking sound)
  • The two outside panels on R2-X2's legs can be opened but unfortunately Hasbro didn't include booster rockets to plug in
  • Each foot has two wheels in it which helps to balance the droid out nicely
  • Unfortunately R2-X2 is too small in comparison with other 6" scaled figures, just like every astromech droid released in the Black Series 6" line to date
  • The paint application on R2-X2 looks good and the dark green color tone matches the on-screen counterpart well


Astromech droids are a series of versatile utility robots generally used for the maintenance and repair of starships and related technology. R2-X2 was Red 10 Theron Nett's droid and served in the Battle of Yavin.

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