Han Solo (Hoth Rescue) - Star Wars SAGA Series #13, 2003

Han Solo


  • Han Solo (Hoth Rescue) was released individually carded
  • There were two different versions of this figure available - first Hasbro released this figure with a blue coat - and later with a brown coat
  • This was an intentional running change by Hasbro and not a factory error
  • Pictured here is the second Han Solo figure with the brown coat
  • For a comparison picture of both figures - please have a look at this page: Han Solo (Hoth Rescue) variation
  • Han Solo has a button on the back - which when pressed moves the upper body left and right
  • The blaster fits well into the right hand - and it's a good fit for the holster
  • The binoculars are part of the figure and not removable
  • The hood can't be pulled down
  • The face mask fits very well and covers Han Solo's face nicely
  • The lightsaber - which has a non-removable blue blade - fits well into both hands
  • Han Solo can hold the sensor/communicator well with both hands
  • The figure stands well without help from a stand


On the ice planet Hoth, Han rides a TaunTaun into the chilling night to find Luke, who has not returned from a patrol. Han locates a badly wounded Luke, but when the TaunTaun succumbs to the cold, they are unable to return to the base. In danger of freezing to death, Han uses the creature's body as a makeshift shelter until rescuers can arrive.

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