R1-G4 (Tatooine Transaction) - Star Wars SAGA Series #6, 2004



  • R1-G4 (Tatooine Transaction) was released individually carded
  • The droid has two claws on each side which can be moved in and out a little bit
  • There are three "cables" on the right side of the droid which can be unplugged
  • There are no hidden panels or movable parts on the droid otherwise
  • The antenna on the top of the dome is not removable
  • The figure stands like a rock and won't fall over - ever


An old model astromech droid abandoned after the capture of its owner, R1-G4 was one of the droids that the Jawas scavenged to rebuild and sell to Tatooine colonists. Using cobbled-together weaponry, the Jawas probably incapacitated the droid then dragged it to their immense treaded sandcrawler. R1-G4 was one of the droids rounded up when Imperial Stormtrooper arrived on Tatooine looking for the escaped droids R2-D2 and C-3PO.

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