WA-7 (Dexter's Diner) - Star Wars SAGA Series #28, 2003



  • Diner Droid WA-7 was released individually carded
  • There are no hidden panels or built-in gadgets on this droid
  • The two "cables" running from the head down to the back of the figure can be unplugged in the back
  • The wheel on the bottom spins
  • WA-7 is unable to stand on its own and requires the included stand for support (this works just so-so)
  • The datestamp is not on the figure - but on the bottom of the included base
  • The two glasses on top of the tray are permanently attached
  • The tray can be plugged onto a peg on the right hand
  • This very same figure was slightly re-worked (datestamp on the figure) and re-painted in 2011 as a Disney Park exclusive: Aly San San


The waitress droid WA-7 works at Dexter's Diner, a steadfast source of down-home cooking and, on occasion, valuable information. Situated in an industrial pocket of Coruscant, the unassuming eatery is a favorite with the locals because of its hearty food and Dex's distinctive special recipes. With WA-7's frisky spirit and built-in order transmitter, the single-wheeled waitress droid serves up the day's specials to the varied assortment of freighter drivers and dockworkers who frequent the establishment.

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