Admiral Ozzel (Executor Assault) - Star Wars SAGA Series #16, 2004

Admiral Ozzel


  • Admiral Ozzel (Executor Assault) was released individually carded
  • The Imperial hat is not removable
  • The figure can hold the blaster well in the right hand
  • The left hand can be moved up to Admiral Ozzel's throat (in order to replicate the force-choking scene from the movie)
  • Ozzel stands well without help from a stand


Clumsy and inept, Ozzel was the Imperial Navy officer in command of the Imperial Death Squadron prior to the Battle of Hoth. He disregarded a report of life signs on Hoth and came out of hyperspace too early, alerting the Rebels of the fleet's presence and thus allowing them to escape. For this mistake, Vader used the Force to strangle Ozzel.

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