Teemto Pagalies (Pod Racer) - Star Wars SAGA Series #46, 2002

Teemto Pagalies


  • Teemto Pagalies (Pod Racer) was released individually carded - but packed together with a clean-up droid
  • Teemto Pagalies' goggles fit very well over the head
  • The figure has trouble standing by itself - but you can use the tail to adjust the balance a bit (there are also peg holes in both feet if you want to place the figure on a stand)
  • The belt and all the pouches are part of the figure and not removable
  • Both hands are molded with the palms open - so Teemto Pagalies can't hold anything in his hands
  • This very same figure - but with a slightly different paint application - was re-released as a Toys'R'Us exclusive in a 5 figure battle pack titled "Podracer Pilots" in 2012: Teemto Pagalies


Proud of his new electro-magnet stabilizer, Teemto Pagalies is entering his barely tested Podracer in the Boonta Eve Classic, believing that it will give him the winning edge.

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