Ephant Mon (Jabba's Head Of Security) - Star Wars SAGA Series #45, 2002

Ephant Mon


  • Ephant Mon was released individually carded
  • This figure was the fan's choice figure #3
  • Ephant Mon is HUGE! It's massive compared to a basic Star Wars action figure - and it's a miracle Hasbro released it on a single card
  • Not only is this a very big figure - but it's nicely detailed and the sculpt captures the likness of the character beautifully
  • The vibro blade fits well into the left hand - and the walking stick is a good fit for the right hand
  • The left leg has a tiny hole in it where the vibro blade can be plugged in (this works very well)
  • The plastic clothes are not removable
  • The figure stands shaky without help from a stand
  • The paint application on the entire figure is very well done - especially the skin tone is superb
  • If you collect Star Wars action figures - then you NEED to have this figure in your collection


Formerly a gunrunner, Ephant Mon is a cunning and ruthless adversary. A Chevin from Vinsoth, he was saved by Jabba the Hutt and pledged his loyalty to the crime lord, eventually becoming Jabba's head of security. Heeding a warning from Luke Skywalker, he was one of the few to survive the destruction of Jabba's sail barge at the Pit of Carkoon.

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