J'Quille (Jabba's Sail Barge) - Star Wars SAGA Series #9, 2004



  • J'Quille (Jabba's Sail Barge) was released individually carded
  • The belt and the pouches on the figure are not removable
  • The blaster rifle is a decent fit for the right hand - but it doesn't fit well into the left hand
  • The figure stands very well without help from a stand


A Whiphid from the planet Toola, J'Quille was a spy sent into Jabba the Hutt's palace by Lady Valarian. His plans to assassinate the Hutt were rendered moot when Jabba was killed during the Rebel's rescue mission at the Pit of Carkoon. J'Quille was one of the survivors of the fight at the Sarlacc pit.

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