Bail Organa (Alderaan Senator - Star Wars SAGA Series, 2003)


Bail Organa

Alderaan Senator

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  • Joint Count: 8
  • Joint Details: Swivel neck, 2 swivel arms, 2 swivel wrists, swivel waist, 2 swivel legs;
  • Accessory Count: 1
  • Accessory Details: Base with Obi-Wan Kenobi Hologram;
  • Senator Bail Organa was released individually carded
  • The figure came with a great looking stand and a hologram of Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Bail Organa's plastic cloak is removable
  • The figure stands well without help from a stand
  • There were no weapons or other accessories included besides the stand
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Packaging Text

Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan is a trusted advisor in Chancellor Palpatine's inner circle. An impassioned supporter of civic virtue - Bail regrets that to counter the Separatist threat - the Republic must deploy a newly discovered clone army. Although the Republic garners an equivocal victory at the Battle of Geonosis - it is only the first step in a much larger - carefully conceived Clone War. The noble Senator stands in somber observation as thousands of clone troopers - marching in military formation - board countless warships and disperse throughout the galaxy to new battlefronts.

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