Zam Wesell (Bounty Hunter) - Star Wars SAGA Series #18, 2002

Zam Wesell


  • Zam Wesell was released individually carded
  • The figure came with a mask - which can be placed over the actual face - giving Zam Wesell the alien look
  • For a close-up picture of the mask - please take a look here: Zam Wesell close-up
  • The lower right arm can be taken off the figure (it is attached via a magnet)
  • The blaster pistol fits nicely into both hands and into the holster
  • The hat is not removable
  • On the back of the figure is a small lever - which when moved up - let's Zam Wesell's right arm shoot up ("quick draw action")
  • The bounty hunter stands a little bit shaky without help from a stand


Zam Wesell is the dangerous, heavily armed bounty hunter mysteriously hired to eliminate Senator Amidala. Swift to action, Wesell is a refined, unrelenting assassin and an excellent tracker. Her quarry's almost nonexistent survival rate confirms Wesell's eminent reputation and unsurpassed marksmanship. Wesell gets more than she bargained for when her assassination attempt is foiled by the Senator's Jedi protectors, who pursue the bounty hunter on a harrowing chase through the Coruscant skyline.

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