Fi-Ek Sirch (Nikto Jedi Knight) - Star Wars SAGA Series #21, 2002

Fi-Ek Sirch


  • This Nikto Jedi (Fi-Ek Sirch) was released individually carded
  • The figure's plastic jedi robe is not removable
  • The jedi can hold the lightsaber hilt very well with both hands
  • The blue lightsaber blade is removable from the hilt
  • The force blast effect can be plugged into the lightsaber hilt
  • This character was updated by Hasbro in the 2011 Vintage Collection: Fi-Ek Sirch


The Jedi are protectors of the Republic, the guardians of justice and freedom. Their order consists of men and women from many different races and species, including the Nikto. A humanoid species with flat faces and multiple nostrils, the Nikto come from the planet Kintan. Though they come from the various corners of the universe, the Jedi are united in their fight against the dark side of the Force.

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