Garven Dreis (Red Leader With X-Wing Fighter) - Star Wars SAGA Series 2004

Garven Dreis


  • Garven Dreis a.k.a. "Red Leader" was packed-in together with an X-Wing Fighter vehicle
  • The helmet is part of the figure and not removable
  • The chest box and the cable running from the front of the flight suit to the back is not removable
  • The figure stands well without help from a stand - and it fits nicely into the cockpit of the X-Wing Fighter


During the Battle of Yavin, the Empire discovered what a threat the Alliance could be. Armed with stolen technical schematics pinpointing the Death Star's weakness, the Rebellion hurled what little resources they had to stop the Imperial menace. A scant collection of battle-weary starfighters darted into the Death Star's shadow, in a desperate effort to spear the battle station's vulnerable exhaust port. One of these starfighters was piloted by the capable and well-respected Red Leader, Garven Dreis. Flying his X-Wing Fighter, Dreis launched his own heroic attempt at destroying the Death Star -- an attempt that resulted in a deadly confrontation with the evil Darth Vader.

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