R5-D4 (Star Wars) - The Power Of The Force 1996



  • There were two slightly different versions of this droid available - R5-D4 with a yellow L-shaped trigger button - and R5-D4 with a straight trigger button
  • The version pictured here is the first released - straight yellow trigger button
  • The droid's body can be split into two pieces - and when opened - the photon missile launcher is revealed together with the inner workings
  • When the small yellow button on the bottom of the body is pressed - the projectile shoots out of the droid
  • R5-D4 has two laser cannons on each side which can be rotated 360 degrees
  • The laser cannons are not removable
  • The middle leg can't be removed - nor can it be retracted into the body (so this droid will always be in a 3-legged stance)
  • The two outer legs are connected with a piece of plastic in the back
  • The antenna on the dome is not removable
  • The dome can't be turned


There is no packaging text available.

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