Cad Bane (Clone Wars) The Clone Wars Collection #4, 2012

Cad Bane


  • This Cad Bane is a re-release of the Clone Wars Cad Bane figure from 2009
  • This time however - Hasbro included different blaster rifles and overall more weapons
  • Both small silver blasters fit well into the holsters
  • Cad Bane can also hold them OK in both hands
  • The small black blaster fits only OK into the left hand - it doesn't fit into the right
  • Both long rifles and the black Skiff Guard blaster don't fit well into either hand
  • Cad Bane's hat fits only very loosely on top of the head


Cad Bane is hired by Darth Sidious to break into the Jedi Temple and steal a holocron containing the secret names of future Jedi. The resourceful and cunning bounty hunter carefully puts his plan in place using schematics of the temple, a techno-service droid and an unscrupulous shapeshifter.

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