Savage Opress (Clone Wars) - The Clone Wars Collection #3, 2012

Savage Opress


  • This shirtless Savage Opress figure is a re-release of the Clone Wars 2011 Savage Opress
  • Savage Opress stands about a head taller than a basic Clone Wars figure
  • Both battle axes fit well into the hands
  • There are no joints in the ankles - but Savage balances out quite well
  • The figure has a superb paint application in the face
  • The light yellow body color could have been a bit darker


Savage Opress is magically strengthened by the witches of Dathomir. Following Dooku's commands, Opress attacks a temple and kidnaps a king. Trained by Count Dooku, Opress wields a variety of weapons with deadly skill, including his Dathomirian vibro-ax and his double bladed Sith lightsaber.

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