Admiral Ackbar (Battle Of Endor) - The Power Of The Force 1997


Admiral Ackbar

Battle Of Endor

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Admiral Ackbar Review

Admiral Ackbar was released in 1997 as part of the Power Of The Force 2 toy line. The figure, despite its age, holds up remarkably well with modern action figures. However, with only 6 points of articulation, and a bit of a bulky look, there is room for improvements. One thing that collectors and kids alike want in a figure, is recreating specific movie scenes. In this case, it's not possible to make Admiral Ackbar sit like in Return Of The Jedi, due to the lack of knee articulation. Ackbar's head sculpt is fantastic though, with nice details and very cleanly painted eyes. The figure's wrist blaster can be attached to both arms, and even with the blaster attached, the figure can still stand securely without falling over. Overall, it's a nice figure, but considering that Admiral Ackbar hasn't been remade in over 10 years, it's time for an update!

Packaging Text

A respected member of the Mon Calamari species, Admiral Ackbar serves as a senior Rebel Alliance adviser. He commanded the attack on the second Death Star from aboard his personal flagship during the Battle of Endor.

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