Biker Scout (With Speeder Bike) - The Power Of The Force 1995

Biker Scout


  • This Biker Scout was packed-in together with a Speeder Bike
  • The figure doesn't fit well onto the bike - but the figure can hold the controls quite well
  • The neck has a swivel joint - which lets the trooper look up and down - but not left and right
  • The figure was designed to sit on the Speeder Bike and not to stand on display by itself
  • It has balancing issues and no peg holes in the feet
  • The helmet is not removable and the face mask can't be flipped up
  • There is no date stamp on the figure
  • The blaster and the holster on the right boot are part of the mold and non-functional (the blaster is painted white - but should be black)
  • This set is no match for the re-design and updated version from the Movie Heroes line from 2012: Biker Scout with Speeder Bike


There is no packaging text available.

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