Gamorrean Guard (Jabba's Palace) - The Power Of The Force 1997

Gamorrean Guard


This Gamorrean Guard was released in 1997 as part of the Power Of The Force 2 series. The figure has only 6 points of articulation, but manages to please none the less. The guard can hold the Vibro axe securely in the left hand. His right hand is molded as a clenched fist and he can not hold a weapon with it. The Gamorrean Guard stands very securely by himself, but he does have the holes in the feet if you want to place him on a stand. Overall, it's a nicely detailed figure, which even in modern times still looks OK. Hasbro must have thought so as well, because they took this exact same figure and re-released it 7 years later in 2004 as part of the Star Wars Original Trilogy Collection, with only changing the paint application on it.


The brutish nature of Gamorreans, along with their great strength and violent tendencies, made them excellent mercenaries and guardsmen in Jabba's desert palace.

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