IT-O Interrogation Droid (With Darth Vader - The Power Of The Force, 1999)


IT-O Interrogation Droid

With Darth Vader

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  • Joint Count: 0
  • Joint Details: None;
  • Accessory Count: 1
  • Accessory Details: Clear see-through stand;
  • The IT-O Interrogation Droid was released on a single cardback packed in togehter with a Darth Vader figure
  • The droid has a hole in the bottom where the included stand can be plugged in
  • The base of the stand is fairly small - but it keeps its balance quite well
  • There are no movable or removable parts on this droid
  • The figure is nicely detailed - but unfortunately - one of the most memorable pieces about this droid - the syringe - doesn't look much like a syringe
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Packaging Text

Inside the Death Star's detention corridor - Darth Vader is intent on snapping Princess Leia's defiance. Accompanied by an Imperial interrogation droid - the Sith Lord enters cell 2187 - determined to learn the location of the hidden Rebel base from his royal prisoner.

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