R2-D2 (With Datalink) The Power Of The Force 1998

R2-D2 With Datalink The Power Of The Force



  • When R2-D2's dome is rotated - it moves the datalink in and out of the body and the antenna on the top of the dome pops out
  • The datalink is permanently attached and can't be removed
  • There is a hole on the front of the droid where the two included tools can be plugged in
  • Both tools - the "saw" and the extra "arm" fit well into the hole
  • This version of R2-D2 has no middle leg
  • The figure stands very well without a stand
  • The ankles are not movable
  • There are no wheels in the feet


Inside the Imperial Death Star, R2-D2 uses one of his many mechanical assets to rescue his Rebel companions from certain death within a rapidly closing trash compactor.


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