Donald Duck (2012 Star Wars Weekends - Donald Duck As Darth Maul) Disney Star Wars Characters 2012

Donald Duck


  • This 2.75" Donald Duck as Darth Maul figure was released single carded on May 18, 2012 for Disney's Star Wars Weekends celebration
  • For this figure Disney re-tooled the previously released Donald Duck as Darth Maul figure from 2008 by adding swivel joints in the elbows
  • Another change was the addition of a removable soft-goods Sith robe
  • The robe is easily removable (the arms will likely pop out when you take the robe off, but they can easily be plugged back into the body)
  • The double-bladed lightsaber fits OK into the hands
  • The saber is made out of very soft plastic and deforms easily
  • The figure was painted quite well with Darth Maul's horns on the head and Donald Duck's cute little tail sticking out of the back of the outfit
  • There are no peg holes in the bottom of the feet but Donald Duck balances out quite nicely on his own


Series 6 Sneak Preview.

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