Stitch (2011 Star Tours Opening - Stitch As Yoda Hologram) Disney Star Wars Characters 2011



  • This 2.75" Stitch as Yoda Hologram figure was released single carded on May 20th, 2011 to commemorate the opening of the new Star Tours: The Adventures Continue attraction
  • The figure was limited to only 2011 units (2011 is the year Star Tours was re-launched)
  • Disney hid a surprise for fans inside the packaging, a small embroidered Star Tours opening day patch!
  • The figure is a repaint and slight re-work of the previously released Stitch as Yoda figure
  • This time the paint application was changed to a translucent blue color and the bottom of both feet have peg holes (those were no present on the regular released figure)
  • The lightsaber fits well into the right hand
  • The plastic Jedi robe can be taken off the figure (you need to remove the arms first which is easy to do)
  • Stitch as Yoda Hologram was sold in a special clamshell to protect the figure from damage, the back of the clamshell reads Star Tours Opening Day 2011
  • Stitch as Yoda Hologram has no balancing issues


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