Donald Duck (Series 2 - Donald Duck As Darth Maul) Disney Star Wars Characters 2008

Donald Duck


  • This 2.75" Donald Duck as Darth Maul figure was released single carded as part of Series 2 in May/June 2008 exclusively at Disney Theme Parks
  • Donald Duck came with Darth Maul's signature double-bladed lightsaber which fits ok into both hands
  • Unlike later versions of Donald Duck as Darth Maul or as Savage Opress, this early version didn't have any swivel joints in the elbows
  • The figure was painted quite well with Darth Maul's horns on the head and Donald Duck's cute little tail sticking out of the back of the outfit
  • There was no robe included
  • There are no peg holes in the bottom of the feet but Donald Duck balances out quite nicely on his own


Relive the epic battles between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance as they struggle for control. Adventures await. May the Force be with you!


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