Nanta (Ewok Pack) - Movie Heroes Series 2012



  • Ewok Nanta was released in August 2012 in a 5 figure pack
  • The other Ewoks in this set were Flitchee - Teebo - Tippet and Kneesaa
  • Nanta is the Ewok who gets Killed by an AT-ST
  • Nanta's hood fits nicely
  • The paint application is done well - the grey stipes on the fur are there - but they are very subtle and difficult to see (even in person)
  • The included spear fits nicely into both hands
  • There are no balancing problems
  • This specific character has never been done before by Hasbro and is a welcome addition to the gradually growing army of Ewoks


The Ewoks of Bright Tree Village join forces with the Rebels to battle Imperial troopers. These diminutive natives of Endor are fierce fighters with an array of weapons to help defeat the troopers and immobilize Imperial walkers. Armed with spears, clubs and weapons taken from overpowered troopers, the Ewoks do their part to free the galaxy.

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