Tiree (Yavin Pilot Pack) - Movie Heroes Series 2012



  • Y-Wing Pilot Tiree was released in August 2012 as part of a 5 pack titled "Yavin Pilot Pack"
  • The other figures in this set were Jek Porkins - R5-D8 - Davish Krail and Mauler Mithel (Tie Fighter Pilot)
  • Tiree "Gold 2" from Gold Squadron can be seen flying a Y-Wing fighter during the battle of Yavin in Star Wars
  • The helmet fits tightly over the head
  • The helmet's chin strap sits on the chin - the yellow visor fits over the eyes - but the helmet is a little bit too short in the back
  • The head sculpt looks great
  • The included blaster doesn't fit well into either hand
  • The figure stands well without a stand
  • The paint application in the facial area isn't applied well - there are black paint spots all over it (this will vary from figure to figure)
  • The chest box is permanently attached - but the cable can be unplugged from the flight suit
  • Hasbro re-used parts from previous Luke Skywalker figures - that's why there is a hole in the belt where a lightsaber hilt could be plugged in
  • Tiree has never been released before as a figure - so despite its flaws - this version is a welcome addition to the collection


Re-enact the ultimate Star Wars dogfight between Imperial and Rebel forces with this awesome YAVIN Pilot Pack! These Rebel pilot figures are ready to take to space with their Droids for an assault on the Death Star.

The pack also includes R5-D8, your JEK PORKINS figure's Droid!

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