Tie Fighter Pilot (Imperial Set I) - The Vintage Collection 2010

Tie Fighter Pilot


  • This Tie Fighter Pilot was available in 2010 in a 3-pack titled "Imperial Set" together with 4 LOM and an AT-AT Driver figure
  • The 3-pack was sold together with two other 3-packs in one big nine figure set - exclusively at Target stores
  • The figure is a re-release of the Legacy Collection "Imperial Pilot Legacy" Tie Fighter Pilot
  • Because it's a re-release and Hasbro didn't make any changes to the figure - it still has two belts and no ankle articulation
  • The chest box is permanently attached to the helmet
  • It plugs nicely into a hole in the chest
  • The blaster doesn't fit well into the holster
  • The weapon fits only very loosely into both hands
  • Despite some flaws - the figure with the helmet on looks nice on display


This fearsome group's goal is to seek and destroy all Rebel forces in the galaxy.

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