AT-AT Driver (Imperial Set II) The Vintage Collection 2011

AT-AT Driver


  • This AT-AT Driver was available in a 3-pack titled "Imperial Set" as a Target exclusive in 2011
  • The other two figures in the set were the Imperial Commander and Bounty Hunter Dengar
  • The figure is a repack of the 2009 Legacy Collection AT-AT Driver figure
  • The very same figure (with very minor differently looking eyebrows) was also released in 2010's Target excl. Vintage set: AT-AT Driver
  • The helmet fits well over the head - but it is a little bit too short in the back and so the neck and some hair is exposed
  • The chest box plugs firmly into a hole in the figure's chest
  • The chest box is permanently attached to the back of the helmet via two cables
  • The blaster fits only very loosely into the figure's hands
  • The AT-AT Driver stands well without a stand
  • The figure's sculpt looks nice with well hidden joints


This fearsome group's goal is to seek and destroy all the Rebel forces in the galaxy.

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