R3-S6 Goldie (Clone Wars) - The Clone Wars Collection #23, 2009

R3-S6 Goldie


Astromech Droid R3-S6 a.k.a. Goldie was seen in the "Downfall Of A Droid" and "Duel Of The Droids" episodes of the first season of The Clone Wars. The figure is almost identical to the R2-D2 figure released in wave 1 of the series. Goldie has the two front panels which can be opened to reveal two mechanical arms, and it has the tow-cable hidden in a compartment in the back. The dome can be rotated, which then moves the cable either in or out, depending in what direction its being rotated. The antenna in the top of the dome can be extended, but this needs to be done manually. One thing that Hasbro has done very well this time around is that they gave the astromech droid two wheels in each leg instead of just one. This way, when the 3rd middle leg is removed and the droid needs to stand on two legs, he can stand evenly. If there was only one wheel, there might be balancing problems (as seen in the past in the non-animated line). Overall it's a cool figure with a decent paint application, some cool hidden features, and an overall appearance which looks just like astromech R3-S6 in the TV-Show!


This astromech droid is the replacement for R2-D2, who is lost during a space battle. Anakin considers this new droid, whom he nicknames "Goldie" because of its metallic coloring, to be unreliable and mistake-prone. What Anakin doesn't know at first is that the droid is also a spy.

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