Padmé Amidala (Clone Wars) The Clone Wars Collection #20, 2009

Padmé Amidala


This Padme Amidala action figure was seen in the Clone Wars animated movie. The figure is very petite and has very thin arms and legs. They are so thin that it's pretty much impossible to add any kind of joints to them. Because of this, this Padme figure does not have any elbow, wrist, knee, or ankle articulation. Hasbro did include joints in Padme's upper arms, which allows for the arm to be twisted, which means she can aim the blaster at the enemy directly. Included with the figure was a Naboo blaster, a Battle Droid blaster, a removable cape, a removable hood and a removable belt with holster. The Naboo blaster fits nicely into Padme's side holster, but unfortunately, she is unable to hold either blaster in any of her hands. The figure can stand by itself, but because the legs are pretty thin, and there are no joints in the knees or ankles, you can't make her stand very secure. There are however peg holes in her feet, so you can place her on a stand. One of the positives is that the figure overall looks very nice and it has about the right scale in comparison with Anakin. The face sculpt in particular is very nicely done.


Padme Amidala has worn many mantles during her young life, including queen, senator and warrior. To each role, she brings her characteristic poise and intelligence, whether she is in the midst of a diplomatic discussion or facing a menacing encounter with an enemy.

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