Luke Skywalker (With Rancor) - The Power Of The Force 1998

Luke Skywalker


  • This Luke Skywalker was packed-in together with a Rancor monster
  • Luke can hold the included bone well in both hands
  • The figure stands very shaky on its own
  • Luke's tunic and pants have some subtle but noticable "Tatooine sand" sprinkled on them
  • Unfortunately - the figure can't hold the bone in both hands - as seen in Return Of The Jedi


Within Jabba the Hutt's desert palace on Tatooine, there is a special pit that houses a rancor. Over five meters in height, this reptilian-like creature has long, exaggerated arms, dangerous fangs and huge claws, truly a fearsome sight. The crime lord uses the rancor as a means of eliminating enemies and failed employees. Its pit is located beneath Jabba's court, providing an excellent view for the crime lord and his associates as victims struggle helplessly to defend themselves. That all changes when Luke Skywalker is dropped into the loathsome pit. Armed with only a large bone leftover from one of the rancor's previous victims, the Jedi Knight conquers the horrible beast.

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