Han Solo (Force Link 2.0 Starter Set) - SOLO: A Star Wars Story 2018

Han Solo

Han Solo Force Link 2.0 audio

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  • This 3.75" Han Solo figure was officially released on April 13th, 2018 together with the Force Link 2.0 Starter Set
  • This version of Han Solo is based on Han's appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • Han Solo came with a blaster pistol and a removable plastic jacket
  • The jacket's sleeves are painted and sculpted onto the arms and it makes no sense to take the jacket off the figure
  • The blaster fits well into both of Han Solo's hands and it's a good fit for Han Solo's holster
  • There is no weathering or dirt on the figure
  • Han Solo stands well on display without any balancing issues
  • Spending $29.99 plus tax was the only way to get a Han Solo 3.75" figure in this particular costume from SOLO: A Star Wars Story
  • For comparison images and a closer look at the included Force Link 2.0 wrist band, have a look at the Force Link 2.0 high-res photo gallery


There was no packaging text or character biography on the back of the packaging.

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