Maz Kanata (With Jet-Pack) - SOLO: A Star Wars Story 2018

Maz Kanata

Maz Kanata Force Link 2.0 audio

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  • This 3.75" Maz Kanata figure was officially released on April 13th, 2018
  • The figure was part of the initial launch line up of Solo: A Star Wars Story figures
  • This Maz Kanata figure is a re-work of the Maz Kanata (Takodana Encounter) figure from 2016
  • This time around the figure was Force Link enabled and carries a chip inside its chest
  • Even though this Maz Kanata figure is based on her appearance in Star Wars: The Last Jedi the voice samples in the figure are all from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Another change to the figure is the jet-pack on Maz Kanata's back
  • The jet-pack is glued on and not removable
  • The blaster fits OK into both of Maz Kanata's hands
  • The goggles are permanently attached to the hat, but because they are made out of very soft plastic they can be bent away from the eyes
  • The figure is beautifully sculpted with rings on the fingers, bracelets on both arms, a necklace around the neck and keys hanging from the belt
  • The head sculpt is fantastic and the paint application compliments it beautifully
  • The figure has no balancing issues


There was no packaging text or character biography on the back of the packaging.

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