Padmé Amidala (Republic Senator) - Revenge Of The Sith Collection #19, 2005

Padmé Amidala


This version of Padme shows her when she was pregnant with Luke and Leia. The figure was released during the ROTS toy line in 2005 when Revenge Of The Sith was released in movie theaters. Padme is nicely detailed and the figure does have the correct height in comparison with Anakin and other star wars figures. Hasbro gave Padme quite a bit of articulation, but why her left arm has the swivel joint above the elbow is a mystery. The waist is ball-jointed, but her ankles are not movable. Movable ankles are usually good to make a figure stand more secure and give it a better overall stance, but in this case it's not necessary because the figure stands securely on its own. The blaster fits very loosely into Padme's right hand, and you might run risk losing it if you don't watch out. Overall, it's a nice version of Padme being pregnant, and considering that there is very little to improve upon, this might be the only Padme figure we'll ever see in her pregnant state.


Padme comes to realize that her beloved Anakin is falling to the dark side of the Force. She makes a desperate attempt to convince him to return to the side of good before it is too late.

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