Captain Tarpals (Battle Of Naboo) - The Episode 1 Collection #0, 1999


Captain Tarpals

Battle Of Naboo

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  • Joint Count: 6
  • Joint Details: Swivel head, 2 arms, waist, 2 legs
  • Accessory Count: 2
  • Accessory Details: Electro pole, Removable shoulder armor
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Captain Tarpals Review

Captain Roos Tarpals was released in 1999 when The Phantom Menace was released in movie theaters. The figure has only 6 points of articulation, which is normal for back in the days, but unfortunately limits the figure's poseability. One of the details that always stood out to me was Captain Tarpals arm tattoos. Actually, I never noticed them in the movie until I saw them on the action figure. One thing that Hasbro has gotten dead on is Tarpals' hight. He is much taller than any other regular figure, about a full head taller than Queen Amidala for example. This is really remarkable considering that Hasbro released the first accurate hight Chewbacca action figure about 5 years later after Tarpals during the VOTC series. Tarpals is very detailed all over, especially the armor, but there is no dirt application of any kind. The figure stands securely without the help of an action stand and the electro pole fits into both hands if you take your time adjusting the grip. Overall, it's a good figure, which could use a more articulated update at some point. But even 10 years after its release, the figure still looks good next to modern released figures and holds up well.

Packaging Text

A military leader with little patience for the exploits of Jar Jar Binks, Captain Tarpals helped lead the Gungan Army against the invading trade Federation forces.

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