General Grievous (Revenge Of The Sith) Movie Heroes Series #7, 2012

General Grievous


  • This General Grievous figure is a repaint of the 2005 ROTS General Grievous (Four Lightsaber Attack!)
  • The figure is about one head shorter than what it is supposed to be (it's the about the same height as a regular figure)
  • When the head is pushed down - all four arms move up or down
  • Both shoulders can be rotated 360 degrees - giving it the "spin" effect as seen in the movie
  • The lightsabers fit only loosely into all the hands
  • The blaster is a better fit - but due to the lack of elbow joints - the figure will point the blaster in a strange angle
  • The neck piece can be taken off the figure
  • There was no cloak included
  • Grievous has balancing problems - but there are peg holes in both feet so he can be placed on a stand


General Grievous is the supreme commander of the droid armies. The ruthless cyborg is tracked to Utapau by Obi-Wan Kenobi, where the two engage in single combat. A formidable fighter, Grievous uses lightsabers with great skill and relishes any opportunity to duel a Jedi.

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