Jan Dodonna (Battle Of Yavin) - Star Wars SAGA Series #12, 2004

Jan Dodonna


General Jan Dodonna was seen in A New Hope during the Rebel Briefing on Yavin, during the Battle Of Yavin, and at the victory celebration after the death star was bits and pieces. As of 2009, this is the only representation of this character in form of an action figure, and your rebel figures won't be complete without it. Dodonna can stand by himself securely without the help of stand, but what he can not do is hold any of the medals he came with. He is also unable to hold the blaster with any of his hands. The figure itself is really basic, there is barely any articulation or any removable parts, so there is really nothing you can do with it besides having it stand straight. The hard plastic cloak is non-removable (you can remove it, but the arms are painted and not part of the actual cloak). Overall, it's a very basic figure, but it looks great in a rebel diorama and fans can consider themselves lucky that Hasbro released such a minor side character.


General Jan Dodonna was the wizened tactician and strategist of the Rebel base at the Massassi site on Yavin 4. When the Death Star arrived in the Yavin system, Dodonna formulated the Rebels' crucial attack run of the Battle of Yavin and briefed the Rebel pilots as to its logistics. His solid tactics led to a victory when the Rebels destroyed the Death Star.

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