Battle Droid (Invasion Force With Armored Scout Tank) The Episode 1 Collection 1999

Battle Droid


  • This Battle Droid was packed together with the Armored Scout Tank vehicle
  • The blue colored Battle Droids can be seen in The Phantom Menace on the Trade Federation ship
  • The figure stands shaky by itself - but it fits well onto the vehicle
  • When the head is moved back and forth - the right arm goes up and down
  • There is some weathering on the main body - but the legs - arms and head are kept in a plain tan color tone


Specially designed for the Trade Federation's secret army, the light armored scout tank is a nimble vessel capable of presenting the enemy with a blistering hail of assault fire from high-power twin laser cannons. Piloted by one Battle Droid, but usually travelling in formations of three, the scout tank is perfect for quick hit-and-run missions.

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