Clone Trooper Newbie (Rishi Moon Outpost Attack) - The Clone Wars Collection 2009

Clone Trooper Newbie


This Clone Trooper "Newbie" figure was released as part of the Rishi Moon Outpost Attack battle pack in the fall of 2009. The set included this clone trooper, two Commando Droid figures, and a Commando Droid Captain figure.

Essentially, this Clone Trooper figure is a repaint of a previously used mold. However, it is quite different from the individually carded, all white Clone Trooper. The differences in the mold are mainly in the helmet, and there is a very slight paint difference on the left under arm. Here are two pictures, which show the differences in comparison with the individually released clone figure of the longer Clone helmet, and a picture of the paint difference on the Clone's arms.

The Clone Newbie is super articulated with 14 joints total, including ball-joints in the neck, both shoulders, both elbows, both wrists, the waist, both legs and a both ankles. The included blaster is an OK fit for the right hand, but it doesn't stay in the left and keeps falling out.

The paint application is cleanly applied, and since this clone is subtitled "Newbie", the armor is all shiny and clean without any battle wear or weathering. All in all, this clone trooper figure is super articulated, and there is nothing to complain about, especially since it looks very close to what the clone troopers looked like in the Clone Wars TV show.


Commando droids capture a Republic tracking station from clone troopers. The station guards the cloning centers on Kamino that are vital to the Republic. The clone trooper, GÇö all rookies GÇö who man the station are killed or forced to retreat. When two battle-hardened clone officers arrive, the inexperienced troopers join them in a fight to retake the station.

Clone Trooper: GÇ£NewbieGÇ¥ troopers on their first deployment face a life-or-death battle.

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