About JediBusiness.com

JediBusiness.com is a fan project which was created out of the love for collecting Star Wars action figures. The website was built in 2003 and went live in March 2004.

Up until about 2002 it was easy to keep track of the figures, but around early 2003 it became difficult to know which figures were re-releases, kit-bashed or entirely new. It was pretty difficult to find out how many different Luke Skywalker figures there really were, or more specific, how many "Farmboy Luke Skywalker" action figures there were. And which one of them was the best one to get?

This is why JediBusiness.com exists. It wants to help you look up Star Wars action figures so that you can compare them side-by-side and get more information about them. This way it's easier for you to make a purchasing decision, clarify what figures you have in your collection, and what figures you are still missing in your diorama.

All the tools found on Jedi Business are custom built, specifically with collectors in mind. Even though about 99% of the figures on the website are from the personal collection, fellow collectors from the Star Wars collecting community have contributed figures and written articles about the hobby here on Jedi Business.

The website has opened doors to many other related projects such as contributing photos to a "Sociology in Action" textbook, interviewing the Hasbro Star Wars Brand Team, co-hosting the Galaxy of Toys podcast, supporting the community with various petitions (e.g. Jabba's Sail Barge), providing photos of figures for the Cool&Collected collectors magazine among many other fun projects. Hasbro even announced two Star Wars action figures through a Q&A on Jedi Business (The Vintage Collection Sandstorm Princess Leia and Jedi Luke Skywalker).

To sum it up, it's a labor of love driven by the passion for collecting Star Wars action figures. Thank you for your interest!

May The Force Be With You!

Chris "Criz Bee"