Suggestions On How To Improve The Vintage Collection

4/2/2018 The Vintage Collection Hasbro

Hasbro's brand new 3.75" The Vintage Collection is back and with it some growing pains. After inspecting several of the new figures we'd like to point out what improvements we'd like to see made.

#1 Bubbles Are Taped

Every The Vintage Collection figure which we've found was taped to the card. The Vintage Collection is all about the packaging, the nostalgia, and seeing how Kenner figures from 40 years ago stay sealed to their cards, we can't understand why Hasbro in 2018 is unable to glue the bubbles properly onto the packaging. This is an issue which we've seen before in 2013 when The Black Series 3.75" figures were taped to the cards. Back then many of us let is slip, but this time, this is Kenner-style packaging, please get rid of the tape and glue the bubbles properly to the cards. We'd prefer to not have discolored yellow tape after just a few years or the figure just falling off the card. 

Vintage Collection Issue

#2 No Love For Tabs?

The first run of The Vintage Collection (2010 - 2013) saw the release of figures with their tabs in place. If you wanted to collect them unpunched you could do so by ordering a case from an online retailer. This time around Hasbro has opted to pre-punch every figure with no tab in place at all. Could we get the tab back to give fans who want to collect these figures unpunched the opportunity to do that? For fans who have been loyally collecting these figures it would add continuity to the collection.

Vintage Collection Issue

#3 The Size Of The Bubbles

The size of the bubbles, even for regularly sized figures, are too big. Have a look at Jyn Erso below, the figure takes up the majority of the front, which shouldn't be the case. Kenner-style cards should be about the packaging and the photo art just as much as the figure itself.

Vintage Collection Issue

#4 The Back Of The Card

Take a look below for a comparison between past The Vintage Collection figures on the left and on the right, and the new one is in the middle. The educational aspect about a character or even figure information was dropped completely with a generic paragraph. We understand, it's less work by using a template which can be re-used over and over and in multiple countries. Unfortuntaly, the desire to save money in this case results in a much less attractive product. The new card back is almost exclusively text.

Vintage Collection IssueThose are our suggestions and changes which we'd love to see moving forward. We understand it's nit-picking, but now that The Vintage Collection is back, why not point out some quirks in this line at the beginning so adjustments can still be made.

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