Power Of The Jedi Interactive Jedi Force File?

11/7/2017 Power Of The Jedi Prototype

Oh the things you learn years and years later... do you remember the Jedi Force Files which were packed in with Star Wars action figures between 2000 and 2002? It would have been pretty cool to create a Jedi Force File with your own images and your own stats, right?  Apparently Hasbro was planning just that! At some point they planned to release a Bespin Luke Skywalker action figure in the 3.75" scale during the Power Of The Jedi toy line (2000 until early 2002). The figure would have been packed together with a CD-Rom in special packaging and it would have included an X-Wing flight game, bio stats and missions, and best of all, it would have been possible to create your own Jedi Force file and upload it to the Internet. Somebody is selling the figure only on Ebay with no packaging included.

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