Star Wars Action Figure Release Schedule

11/6/2017 The Black Series The Last Jedi Force Link

With 2017 coming to an end in about eight short weeks, we looked at what Hasbro Star Wars action figures we'll likely see before the year is over and what Star Wars action figures have already been officially announced for 2018.

Release schedule star wars figures

The Black Series 6" For The Next 8 Weeks 

- Jaina Solo 

- Rose Tico

- Supreme Leader Snoke

- First Order Stormtrooper with extra gear (Amazon exclusive)

- Praetorian Guard (Amazon exclusive)

- Luke Skywalker with Ahch-To enviornment base (Target exclusive)

- Rey with Crait environment base (Toys'R'Us exclusive)

- Kylo Ren with Stardestroyer floor panel (Walmart exclusive) 

Announced The Black Series 6" Figures For Early 2018:

- Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard Disguise)

- Dengar

- 4LOM

- Rebel Fleet Trooper

- Porg 2-pack (not numbered, $5.99)

- Sandtrooper with Dewback

- DJ

- Rey (Island Journey)

- Jawa (re-release from the 40th Anniversary Collection)

- Grand Moff Tarkin (with Interrogation Droid)

- Clone Commander Rex (different from the Hascon exclusive with new digital face printing technique)

- Death Star Commander (re-release from the 40th Anniversary Collection)

- 2 more Centerpiece displays (confirmed by Steve Evans, but no official specifics yet)

The Last Jedi Force Link 3.75" Figures For The Next 8 Weeks

- Rose (First Order Disguise), BB-8, BB-9e (already out in the UK)

- Baze and Chirrut 2-pack (already out in the UK)

- Luke Skywalker, Emperor Palpatine, Royal Guard (Target exclusive, already out in Canada)

The Last Jedi Force Link 3.75" For Early 2018:

- Luke Skywalker with Wampa

- Princess Leia Organa (Hoth Outfit)

- Finn (First Order Disguise) and Captain Phasma 2-pack

- Maz Kanata (with jetpack) 

- C'Ai Threnalli

Hasbro's 3.75" The Vintage Collection II (April 2018)

- Rey (Black Series re-release)

- Kylo Ren (Black Series re-release)

- First Order Stormtrooper (re-release)

- Dr. Aphra (New, Fans Choice Winner, available in Fall 2018)

- Jyn Erso (Black Series re-release)

- Supreme Leader Snoke (new)

- Cassian Andor (Black Series re-release)

- Death Trooper Specialist (Black Series re-release)

- Assault Tank Driver (Rogue One, new)

- Hoth Rebel Trooper (no beard, re-release from the 2010 The Shadow Of The Dark Side Target exl. 3-pack)

As you can see, Hasbro has already announced a TON of Star Wars action figures in the 3.75" and the 6" scale. Did we forget any figures? Let us know in the comments please!



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