Steve Bono And Steve Evans Speak To About The Black Series' New Recruits

10/6/2017 Hasbro The Black Series The Last Jedi's Dan Brooks has published an interview with Hasbro's Steve Bono and Steve Evan's about up-coming Star Wars action figures for The Black Series 6" line. You can look at official press images on J.B., and you can read the entire interview on the official website

When asked about the new up-coming DJ figure from The Last Jedi and its incredible likeness to Benicio DelToro, Steve Bono replied: "This process is inkjet printing where the color is sprayed onto the face, much like you would print a picture from a copier. They’re able to capture a lot more subtlety, a lot more color, and it’s not just one color at a time."

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New Star Wars Figures


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