How To Fix Hasbro's Fan Vote

5/2/2017 Hasbro Fan's Poll The Vintage Collection 2

It's pretty apparent that people participating in Hasbro's fan poll, or at least very dedicated Hasbro Star Wars action figure fans, are upset with the current fan poll on

Fans of the original trilogy were surprised that the Tonnika Sisters, which should have been in the top 6, were literally thrown out by Hasbro. People who voted for them wasted their vote. In addition to the Tonnika Sisters being disregarded, it was upsetting to fans of the Original Trilogy that fans of the Expanded Universe showed up in greater numbers and simply out-voted them.

That's the reality though folks, there are many Star Wars fans who grew up with Star Wars figures after Revenge Of The Sith came out when Star Wars The Clone Wars was the only new Star Wars there was. Those fans grew up with books, comic books, novels etc... that's a huge part of their Star Wars fandom. And those fans are older now, and likely have some disposable income to collect figures. 

But, fans of the Expanded Universe were equally upset. Ben Skywalker was a clear favorite and just like the Tonnika Sisters needed to be included in the final Top 6. Ben Skywalker was likely thrown out by Hasbro because they suspected foul play and didn't take their time to look into this properly. To them it was a repeat of the Jaina Solo vote from last year. Again, just like people who wasted their vote for the Tonnika Sisters, fans who voted for Ben Skywalker wasted their vote as well. 

So how do you fix this? Easy Hasbro! Next time divide the fans vote into two categories, one category for the movies, one category for the expanded universe and then you get to produce two figures instead of one. This is a win-win situation, fans of the Expanded Universe get their saying and Star Wars action figure fans who want figures based on the movies get their saying as well. No fan left behind, right? No votes wasted, right? And Hasbro, you get customer engagement and people telling you exactly what product they would love purchase from you. 

One more thing... Hasbro, please add a sticker to the packaging (like you've done in the past) which says "Fans Choice Winner", or something along those lines. Those figures are special to all of us because they do represent the community. 

So long ... and May The Force Be With You!

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