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8/20/2017 The Vintage Collection Hasbro TVC2 is your voice for Hasbro's 3.75" THE VINTAGE COLLECTION! Over the next few weeks we will set up a variety of pages where you can make your voice heard to let Hasbro know what Star Wars action figures you want to see in THE VINTAGE COLLECTION in 2018 and beyond! This can include new characters or older figures which you want to see re-released.

Before posting, please learn about what figures Hasbro has released in THE VINTAGE COLLECTION already. During San Diego Comic Con, Hasbro has released a lot of information about THE VINTAGE COLLECTION, we've gathered all that information for you here: Everything we know about THE VINTAGE COLLECTION (this includes figures which have been announced for THE VINTAGE COLLECTION already, it's well worth a read!)

We will post our personal TOP 10 for each category over the next few weeks. BOOKMARK THE HUB for all our posts regarding this!

If you are not sure what Star Wars figures Hasbro has released from The Phantom Menace before, have a look at our movie section here: Star Wars figures from The Phantom Menace!

Here are our TOP 10 The Phantom Menace 3.75" figures which we would like to see in THE VINTAGE COLLECTION either new, or re-released on Kenner-style cardbacks:

- Queen Amidala (Naboo)

Hasbro released this particular version of Queen Amidala during the Episode 1 toy line in 1999, but we think this outfit stands out from a lot of other Queen Amidala outfits and the figure released in 1999 feels outdated. Maybe we could see this version of Queen Amidala with soft-goods?

- Captain Panaka

Captain Panaka has a bigger role in The Phantom Menace, and even though Hasbro has done this character 18+ years ago, we think it's time for an update!

- Battle Droid (Security)

Battle Droids are essential to any of the prequel movies and since Hasbro has already released the basic beige version of the droid already, how about we get the episode 1 Battle Droid with red security markings on a nice looking Kenner-inspired cardback?

- Shmi Skywalker

Shmi Skywalker, the mother of Anakin Skywalker, was released only once and that was back in 2001 during The Power Of The Jedi toy line. That's 16 years ago! We think it's time for an update with some soft-goods clothing.

- Sebulba

Yes, Sebulba. Sebulba played a major part in The Phantom Menace, and we think it would be nice to have a newly sculpted version of the character on a single Kenner-inspired card. The figure would go nicely with previously released podracers in The Vintage Collection, such as Mawhonic, Ratts Tyrell and Ben Quadinaros.

- Anakin Skywalker (Podrace Pilot)

We think a little Anakin Skywalker figure, including pilot helmet and tools, would look great on a Kenner-style cardback. Little Annie is the main character in The Phantom Menace, and we think he would deserve a single carded release based on his Podracer outfit. Hasbro has released a well sculpted little Anakin Skywalker figure before in THE VINTAGE COLLECTION, incl. some cool accessories, and we don't remember this figure warming the pegs!

- Mace Windu

Hasbro has released three unique sculpts for the Episode I Mace Windu so far, but neither captured the character well. The Episode 1 Preview Mace Windu was quite stiff, the hard-lastic Jedi robe on the single carded Mace Windu didn't work well, and the Episode 1 Mace Windu figure from the Jedi Council 3-pack looked awkward with the elbows out. Let's give this another try Hasbro!

- Kitster & Wald

Any background character which help build out an environment are welcome to us collectors. Kitster & Wald have been talked about in the fandom for many years, and with THE VINTAGE COLLECTION being a collector focused line, we think now is the time to bring those figures out!

- Boss Nass

Boss Nass was released twice so far, the first one was way too short, the second was a bit stiff. It's been more than 17 years since the last release and we'd love to see a fully articulated, nicely decked out Boss Nass figure including soft-goods. We also think that the photo for the Kenner-inspired card would really pop with lots of bright green colors!

- Watto

Hasbro has released some decent Watto figures in the past, but we'd love to see this figure being updated on vintage-style packaging. 

Now it's your turn, post in the comments below what THE PHANTOM MENACE FIGURES you want Hasbro to either re-release or create all new figures of! If you don't know what figures Hasbro has made from The Phantom Menace already, have a look at our movie section: Star Wars figures from The Phantom Menace!

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